"It is my belief that The Chappy Corporation is an outstanding contractor. We hope they have the opportunity to work on other large projects here at Mammoth Cave in the future, and we have no reservations recommending them to others".

•  Steve Kovar, Facilities Manager
Mammoth Cave Natiional Park


"In my opinion, The Chappy Corporation is a fine contractor. The work installed was of excellent quality. The staff was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with them in the future".

•  Chun Lee, Project Representative
Washington Metro Area Transit Authority


"I would appreciate if you would pass on my congratulations and thanks to The Chappy Corporation for their personal commitment to safety throughout this construction project, as well as the extraordinary cooperation from the on-site representatives of your company during the Mammoth Cave National Park Project".

•  Ron J. McGill, Area Director
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)


"Chappy's commitment to quality and to customer satisfaction is outstanding."

•  Robert E. Howland, Project Manager
US Department of the Navy



"Chappy's combination of high quality work, cooperation, fair pricing, outstanding safety record, and stellar management make them an ideal contractor."

•  Herschel Workman, Project Manager
FAA, Great Lakes Region



"As program manager on this project, I could not have been more pleased with the service that I received from The Chappy Corporation."

•  Tim Greer, Program Manager
Lockheed Martin Corporation



"Chappy's timeliness under a myriad of difficult conditions, quality of finished work and cooperative spirit made for a very pleasant undertaking."

•  Lisa Maniscalco, Subcontract Administrator
Raytheon Service Company



"Chappy not only did a thoroughly professional job of installation, but also, using their knowledge of the industry, was able to provide code compliance and the latest technology for those instances where our design was lacking."

•  Edward H. Diamond, Engineering Project Manager
United States Department of Agriculture



"Chappy's combination of high quality work, cooperation, outstanding safety recognition, and management abilities was instrumental in meeting our fast tracked goal on improving video surveillance at our airport."

•  Paul C. Showstead, Senior Project Manager
Massachusetts Port Authority


"Your firm and its employees assigned to the project have been recognized by the entire construction team as doing an outstanding job on this very fast paced project."

•  James P. Allibrandi, President
Interstate Electric Services



"I hope that if any other electrical work is required either here or at any other Boston school, that your company and Ed E. (project superintendent), in particular, are given the award."

•  Alfredo Nunez, Principal
Aggasiz Community School , Jamaica Plain, MA



"In the five plus years of working with the Chappy Corporation they have time and again produced professional, high quality, on time, co-operation, and effective management"

•  Albert E. Abdella
Division Engineer
Massachusetts Turnpike Authority



"To me, The Chappy Corporation's operating philosophy is to perform their work as if it was at their own home, with the same care and diligence"

•  David M. Coleman
US Department of Navy

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